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  • Status: Hiring in the Future
  • Location: Wichita, Kansas
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Position Summary

The Metal Arts, LLC Shipping & Receiving Teams are the backbone of our process. Our Receiving Team is tasked with both receiving all material in an efficient and accurate manner and loading material for the Parts Team to process. Receiving requires attention to detail, ensuring our material is proper and meets our quality standards. Any mistakes in the receiving process create a domino effect that can take days to sort out.

The Metal Arts Shipping Team is the culmination of our entire team’s efforts. Our Shipping Team is responsible for organizing all material immediately following finishing to make the loading process quick and seamless.  Constantly interacting with the Project Management Team, our Shipping Team prepares every load efficiently and safely to ensure on-time delivery. The Metal Arts Shipping Team is always on the move and requires a high level of internal motivation to keep the process moving forward.

Employee Benefits

Employees enjoy a benefits package that includes health insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO) and retirement matching. We are passionate about retaining our top talent, so when possible, we promote internally.

About Metal Arts

Founded in 1971 in Wichita and purchased in the early 2000s by the Gray family, Metal Arts is one of the region’s choice steel fabrication companies, specializing in steel products and structural steel. Our facility includes 22,500 square feet of production space, allowing us to handle structural steel projects from less than a single ton to hundreds of tons. We serve hundreds of customers in multiple states!

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