Steel Fabricators, Wichita, KansasEnsuring High-Quality Work and Service

Are you choosing between different steel fabricators? Metal Arts, LLC in Wichita, Kansas, is dedicated to providing the highest quality structural and miscellaneous steel products and services to our customers. To ensure high quality and customer service, our steel fabricators take pride in managing the entire process of your structural or miscellaneous steel product fabrication from the quote to shipping.

Unique Process

  • 1. Quote and Start

    Our Estimating Team utilizes a steel industry-specific Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system for take-off and building quotes. Once a project is awarded, the project details are already in our system, which means a quick and efficient start!

  • 2. Designated Project Manager

    Our team will assign a project manager who will own your project until full completion, ensuring continuity of knowledge and lessons learned specific to your challenges.

  • 3. Fully Detailed BIM Package

    Our in-house detailers will turn the contract drawings into a fully detailed Building Information Modeling (BIM) package, available to you for integration into the project master BIM file.

  • 4. Quick and Accurate Fabrication

    As a certified fabricator shop with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), our steel fabricators will work hand-in-hand with both the Project Management Team and the in-house detailers to fabricate your product quickly and accurately.

  • 5. Inspection

    Our Quality Team boasts decades of experience and includes three Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs). The team inspects every aspect of the structural steel and steel products we fabricate, from dimensional accuracy to the appearance of the finish.

  • 6. Final Quality Check and Shipping

    Our Shipping Team is the final check to verify your structural steel or steel product is correct and meets all of our quality standards. 

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Commitment to Customers

At Metal Arts, we recognize construction is a team sport, and when the project is completed on time and on budget, everybody wins. We set ourselves apart by:

  • Ensuring we understand the customer’s needs.
  • Possessing the experience needed to overcome challenges.  
  • Providing quick turnarounds, especially in the event of a mistake or field change.

“All employees are provided with the latest state of the art technology to assist them with their work. Metal Arts’ primary objective is to serve the customers’ needs in a timely fashion. The owners have expanded the office and fabrication facility, and every effort has been made to update shop equipment to handle all types of work.”

- Dana M. Corcoran, Metal Arts, LLC

“My favorite aspect of my position is programming parts and watching the operators cut them. Then, when all is said and done, seeing every individual part becoming some sort of structure at the end is very rewarding.”

- Cameron Powell, Lead Programmer, Metal Arts, LLC

“The people are what really make this machine run. Everyone is willing to help one another to accomplish the task at hand. Anytime I have had questions, there is someone with answers willing to share. Hard work and drive are recognized and rewarded. I have been promoted to the parts foreman and oversee all of the cutting of parts for fabrication.”

- Josh Lange, Parts Foreman, Metal Arts, LLC

Partner With Metal Arts

Metal Arts specializes in high-quality structural and miscellaneous steel fabrication, serving general contractors and other customers in multiple states. Please contact us at (316) 942-7958 to discuss your project or to request a quote!

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