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Specializing in steel fabrication, Metal Arts, LLC has 22,500 square feet of production space in Wichita, Kansas, and dozens of employees we consider family. Our motto is “People first,” which includes providing metal fabrication jobs and more to those who are working hard to improve their lives or those without industry experience. Additionally, we always strive to make decisions that benefit each of our employees!

Why Join Metal Arts

  • We believe it is where you are going that matters, not where you have been.

  • Our team works very closely together. We support each other both professionally and personally!

  • We empower employees to make decisions, fail and get back up again, all in the ultimate pursuit of experience and knowledge.

  • At Metal Arts, leadership is not exclusive to “management”— we expect every team member to be a leader!

  • We like change and encourage our team to bring ideas forward, which help us to grow and evolve.

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The Benefits and Opportunities

When you join Metal Arts, you bring the attitude and the desire, and we will provide the rest, including on-the-job training and the latest technology to complete your daily tasks. Employees enjoy a benefits package that includes health insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO) and retirement matching. We are passionate about retaining our top talent, so when possible, we promote internally.

“Coming from a very difficult past and making a lot of mistakes along the way, Metal Arts gave me a second chance and believed in me when no one else would. They have given me the opportunity to better myself and my life, and I will forever be grateful for that.”

- Kayla Osborn, Project Management Administrator, Metal Arts, LLC

“I came to Metal Arts with minimal knowledge of the industry and even less experience. From day one, the training and education were straightforward and effective. When the opportunity for advancement came, management showed me that hard work and attention to detail do not go unnoticed.”

- Justin Lockhart, Programming, Metal Arts, LLC

“I spent most of my life making poor decisions leading me in no direction. When I came to Metal Arts, [they] took a bartender and turned me into a CNC operator and programmer in less than a year. I now have a career and the experience to grow and accomplish goals. The experience, friendship and support have changed my life in many ways.”

- Cameron Powell, Lead Programmer, Metal Arts, LLC

“Until coming to Metal Arts, I never really felt needed or wanted by employers. They have done a lot to make me feel as though I am part of the team. I always go home with a feeling of accomplishment.”

- John Turner, Painter, Metal Arts, LLC

Looking for Metal Fabrication Jobs?

Metal Arts is always taking applications for numerous jobs, including metal fabrication jobs. We encourage you to view all of the available Metal Arts job opportunities and to submit your application!

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